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Tree Pruning

Proper pruning techniques and timing are critical for the tree’s health and future growth. Improper cuts can have a lasting impact on your tree. The benefits of pruning are vast and include eliminating the potential for branch failures; clearing from obstacles; disease, infection and infestation removal; reducing wind resistance and over-shading. We offer the following pruning services:
  • Training Pruning: pruning your tree at a younger age is less expensive and promotes good structure.
  • Preventative Pruning: crown cleaning, thinning, raising, reductions, restoration.
  • Pruning for fruit and flower production.
Our ISA Certified Arborists provide professional tree pruning services that is species specific and includes a variety of procedures to ensure that your trees remain healthy for years.

Tree Removal

Trees are a wonderful feature on people’s property and provide many benefits, however sometimes they need to be removed. Primarily clients remove trees to protect people, structures, or infrastructure, or because they have become hazardous. The following are indications that a tree may need to be removed:
  • It is diseased. There is significant die back, deep cracks, fungi, or infections.
  • Insects and pests have caused significant damage to the tree.
  • Structural damage causing the tree to lean or become unsafe.
  • A decayed or hollow trunk. Cracks, splits, large wounds and deadwood all indicate the tree is declining.
  • It is encroaching on buildings, structures, or powerlines and is costly to maintain.
  • It was planted in the wrong location.
Removing trees can be very dangerous and requires knowledge, skill, and special equipment. Our ISA Certified Arborists have years of technical experience removing trees of all sizes and varieties, and in difficult locations. They carry out a comprehensive assessment once on site to ensure the tree can be removed as safely as possible.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed, it is often recommended to have the remaining stump removed as well. The main reasons for having the stump removed include:
  • Prevent the tree from producing shoots and regrowing.
  • To prevent tripping hazards and protecting lawn care equipment.
  • To allow for replanting a new tree or shrub.
  • To allow for construction or landscaping
  • To improve curb appeal.
Stump removal involves using a grinder to cut the tree stump approximately 16” below ground level. After the stump is ground, some of the roots remain but will decompose over time and mix with the soil.

Plant Health Care

Insect Control: We offer insect consultation and treatment solutions if necessary. Our knowledgeable Arborists are educated to identify a wide range of pests and apply the “integrated pest management” framework. Our licensed applicators are fully trained and outfitted to complete any job safely and effectively. We strive to employ the most current and up-to-date application methods. Insects managed or controlled:
  • Aphids
  • Birch Borer
  • Birch Leafminer
  • Bud Worm
  • Caterpillars
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Elm Scale
  • Oystershell Scale
Fertilization: Trees in an urban environment may not receive enough nutrients. We recommend fertilizing your trees in the Spring and/or the fall. Spring fertilization promotes healthy growth and vigor, while fall fertilization helps protect the trees from winter desiccation. We use a soluble fertilizer, formulated specifically for prairie landscape, to ensure your trees are receiving the nutrients they require to continue to thrive.

Tree Planting

There are many benefits to planting a tree on your property. These can include increasing property value, reducing heating and cooling costs, and reducing carbon footprint. It is no surprise to anyone living in Alberta that growing and maintaining trees can be challenging with our harsh winters and unpredictable climate. Hiring an Arborist with experience in local tree species, planting techniques, and care for new trees is the best way to start. Our Arborists will work with you closely to discuss your objectives and have the knowledge to plant the right tree, in the right spot. We will always consider the soil, climate, landscape and other conditions that can affect the successful growth of your trees.

Emergency and Hazardous Tree Care

With our harsh Alberta weather, we are no strangers to dealing with emergency and/hazardous trees. If your tree has been uprooted or damaged by a storm or severe weather, restoring your property requires technical knowledge, hard work, and the right equipment. Our certified Arborists have the experience in dealing with any tree that has been affected by mother nature. We will assess the tree in a very timely manner and deal with any hazards promptly.

Tree Support Systems

Over time, trees can develop weak attachments, or cracks which can result in limb failure and become hazardous. We install bracing and cabling systems to help your tree handle even the strongest winds Southern Alberta has to offer.


Before any job can be completed, consult with one of our ISA Certified Arborists to discuss your needs and objectives. We will provide you with accurate information, in the best interest of your tree. We offer tree risk assessment to help determine overall health (disease, decay, failure potential) as well as diagnosis and recommendations for plant disorders. Consult with us before doing any excavation or construction close to your trees – help successfully preserve your investment!